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I'll start by saying that the concept is interesting; a horror game set on the Amazon River. This is a breath of fresh air from the relentless "haunted house" themed games recently.  I believe that this project shows potential, just needs some more elbow grease. 

Personally, I was disappointed by the game itself; the atmosphere and gameplay need a lot of work. The game may be spookier if it took place at night, with the only illumination being a flashlight. As for gameplay, the game is more of a boat simulator than a horror game. Driving around a slow boat got boring real quick; some guides may alleviate this problem. Some kind of landmark or a map would help the player get to the objective before losing motivation. I could go on, but I want to keep this post relatively short.

I imagine that making a game must be back-breaking work, especially when done solo. I admire the developer's efforts in making the game and even posting it on Steam. I wish you the best of luck for future projects :)

A short video, ignore the hideous thumbnail :|

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This is an interesting game, noises were on point and caught me off guard, I like your game!

Thanks a lot! Enjoyed watching your video. :)


Oh gods this game is difficult. As the title suggests, I die a lot in the game. Do you have any suggestions for actually beating the game? I think I might get back to it in a few days.

As for suggestions... them being able to chase you in water was rather irritating. I would second Neco the Sergals suggestion of making the demons roam the villages as opposed to chasing you for all of eternity.

Thanks for the feedback - As far as suggestions for beating the game, finding Lorenzo is certainly the hardest objective in the game. Though his location is somewhat random (he can be in a few different spots), you should generally be able to see him from your boat in most situations. He also has a flashlight so if you see white light that could be him. Once you find him, that's also a checkpoint, and should make things a bit easier.

That being said, I'll be putting out a new update this week addressing a lot of the things I've heard frequently from players. The enemies chasing too far, chasing in the water, etc. Some bug fixes as well. Thanks again!

I'll be sure to play it again then! I really enjoyed your game. I've been playing a lot of horror games on my channel recently, and yours has been the scariest aside from  'Sophie.'


My feedback would be, make it so they don't chase so much in the water, endlessly, make them perhaps roam the villages you're meant to pillage without me constantly not being able to get off my boat because 'The one from the start is still chasing me and clinging to the backside of my boat', as because of this I presume either a bug occurred where the objectives never updated, or that I had never found a note or objective item to change my objective from 'Find Lorenzo' to 'Find keys' because I found the airplane - - -but, it still was telling me to find Lorenzo, I quit there, because I wasn't going to drive all the way back to find one specific village of what I was missing, at that point. Getting out of the boat was essentially, 90% of the time, impossible, so I chose not to unless I saw I was alone, none was behind me in the water, and none were in the small huts on the land (Which got me fuel, but nothing else).

Making it difficult and being 'unsure' if one is about to chase you or angrily come charging from the distance is one thing, but, if beating the game involves the NECESSITY of getting off the boat to grab items on land, should make it more friendly to the player to have chances to get off the boat, that they stop chasing you, give some distance temporarily to allow exploration. Otherwise, with all these fixed, it'd be a unique and awesome game.


Thanks for the feedback, you touched on a few things that seemed to be shared by a lot of people.  For what it's worth I'll be putting out a new update later this week based on player feedback. Some of the main focus areas of the update will be enemy behavior, as well as improving the function of the xenolith and fixing a few more bugs. Thanks again!

The game is alright but it could use more warning when being attacked, I was reading one of the notes an died out of nowhere no warning and as well a checkpoint would be nice as well.

This was the first game I played


The atmosphere was ok with the creep factor in it. But slowing down to barely a crawl in the water was really offputing for me. When you pair that with the fact that the monsters run at you in the water at normal speed is really annoying. That and the fact that using the stone beyond a simple tab drains your sanity way too quickly. Beyond that, it has potential to be an interesting game.

Here's my channel if you want to see other games I played.


This game was ultimately creepy and them things were terrifying when they come out of nowhere XD great job on making this game! 

Thanks! Glad you liked it


Realy fun scary cool story the boat was so nice and safe great game loved it


Had some good laughs watching your video, thanks man!


That means alot man glad you enjoyed it good luck with what you do next


Invisible monster with creepy voices. 

Show post...


Where is Lorenzo? 


The atmosphere is amazing and the sheer scale of the world is fantastic! However, I'm not sure about the gameplay loop. The idea of an invisible enemy that can only be seen with a resource doesn't sound like a good one to me and it really hampered my motivation to explore more.

Please fix this game, its keep freezing after the intro, I'm not sure if im' the only one facing this.Please check this again.

When you say the intro, I assume you mean the campfire scene right after you start the game? Anyway thanks for letting me know, I'll check it out.

Yeah I think I may know what's happening - is it getting stuck on the dialogue in the intro? If so, just press 'E' to advance it. Sorry about that I forgot to add a tooltip, I'm putting out a new build tonight to correct this.

Yeah exactly dialogue screen, let me know when its done

Yeah it's done